O.M.A is a non-profit organisation that offers its services to any company or national or international institution that would need  interveners to help preventing or managing conflicts.

Entirely dedicated to the improvement of relations between human beings, O.M.A is also an information, formation and exchange platform. It relies on the skills of a network of mediators, facilitators and specialised interveners, all working in a humanistic and multicultural spirit of openness.

In Brussels, O.M.A disposes of the ” La Grande Porte” building located no. 9 rue Notre Seigneur and composed of several rooms dedicated to mediations, facilitations, negotiations, systemic interventions and trainings, as well as intercultural and international conferences.

O.M.A is already active in Europe, North, West and Central Africa, in particular in the framework of training programs in collaboration with local operators and field interventions.

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